Welcome !

Dear colleagues

Thank you for finding your way here in our newly-founded blog! Please take some time to get familiar with our research project and with the research team members. In brief, our research is on human rights and disability in Ugandan context. Our team members consist of disability activists both from Finland and Uganda and academic scholars from different fields.

We thought that research works had been too far away from non-academic people, or even from those who are in different fields or disciplines of the academic community. We wanted to bridge this gap by creating this blog as a space for us from different backgrounds to communicate. Please don’t hesitate at all to comment here and be in contact with us.

The blog will have writings and discussion on various themes that relate to our research project. We will try our best to keep up the discussion by offering desirable subjects. In addition, our conference papers, trip reports and other related materials will be available here for your convenience.

Yours sincerely,
The Research Team