Guest Lecture at Diaconia University of Applied Science

By Hisayo Katsui

My old friend, Marianne Nylund, and her colleague, Jouni Kylmälä, are teaching an intensive course on disability entitled "International Perspective on Disability and Human Rights" at Diaconia University of Applied Science at Järvenpää in April-May. It is great to realise that disability finally started to attract attention in different academic institutions.

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to give a lecture on participatory research. The students were mainly majoring in Social Work and from different countries (Nepal, Germany, Finland, Chile and Kenya). They were highly motivated and active during the class, and I enjoyed the time very much. Thank you for the students!

I'm going to give another guest lecture on "Human Rights and Disability in Global Context" in two weeks time. I'm looking forward to it.