"Lives of Deaf Children in Uganda" Video

Finnish Federation of the Deaf Association was commissioned by the Finnish Foreign Ministry to prepare a TV documentary on deaf children in Uganda, and Hisayo has been part of the production team. Now the DVD is ready.

The content is divided into two parts: first part describes lives of deaf children in Uganda following three children and their families (38 minutes), while the second part is a discussion between Markku Jokinen, the President of the World Federation of the Deaf, and Hisayo (12minutes). The language is Finnish sign language and Finnish at the moment, but English version will be ready soon.

I personally like this video very much, as the main production team members were Deaf themselves both in Finland and in Uganda! The producer, photographer, and local guides were all Deaf. Their perspective is original, and highlights essential matters for Deaf people such as the right to sign language even under resource constraints in a developing country like in Uganda.

If you are interested in getting hold of a copy, you can contact Jouko Keltanen (jouko.keltanen@kl-deaf.fi or tel +358-40-5467730). One copy costs 30 Euros.