Hisayo's new book is out! Disabilities, Human Rights and International Cooperation: Human Rights-Based Approach and Lived Experiences of Ugandan Women with Disabilities

This book is not meant for profit making. When she was alive, Maija Könkkölä told me that information useful for the disability movement should be free. I totally agree with her and so I do not sell it to anybody, though there are some printed copies of the book (only 260 copies). Abilis Foundation, VIKE, FIDIDA as well as Finnish Academy financially supported the publication so that I could make as many copies as possible to bring to Uganda. I also bring 200 copies of popular version of the book so that I can give my findings back to Ugandan persons with disabilities, many of whom are illiterate. For those of you who have an access to Internet and are literate, I kindly ask you to download the following chapters in PDF files and read them on-line. For those of you with visual impairments who have difficulties reading PDF files, I will be happy to send you Word files. Please write to me to hisayo.katsui (at ) abilis.fi I hope you enjoy it!

0. pre-introduction (including foreword by Shuaib Chalklen)
1. introduction
2. concepts and theories
3. methodology
4.1. life stories
4.2. case study 1
4.3. case study 2
4.4. case study 3
4.5. case study findings
5. human rights-based approach in practice
6. global context
7. participatory research discussion
8. concluding remarks
9. references