Posting by an Ugandan Friend: Aggrey Olweny

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I am Aggrey Olweny. We first met during the General Assembly of UNAD and subsequently the NUDIPU G.A. At UNAD, I was a polling assistant if you remember a team from Action on Disability and Development Uganda(ADD), I was the youngest with physical disability. At the moment I am working with Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda, A national umbrella organisation of all youth with Disabilities in Uganda. This organisation was formed in 2008 with the aim of advocating for the rights of Youth with Disabilities. You recall that from the many legally registered Disabled people's organisations in Uganda, none of them has a specific focus on youth with Disabilities yet the youth have unique and specialised needs that can best be addressed by themselves. This is why this organisation was formed. We are looking for partners both at National, Regional and Global levels. We are also looking for funders who can fund our projects and forwarding our profile to be included in your write up. This will enable us get access to many potential partners across the globe.

Aggrey Olweny (aggreykenny@yahoo.com)
Ag. Executive Director.
Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda.


Dear Ugandan disability activists,
If you are also interested in posting your life and organisational stories, please write to me.